How can I apply for a home? You must attend an application meeting in order to receive an application. Upcoming application meetings are posted on our Calendar of Events.

What are the requirements to qualify for a home? Please review all of the criteria to qualify for a home on the Apply for a Home page.

If I meet all of the requirements will I be accepted? Unfortunately we are not able to accept all qualified applicants. We typically accept 10-20 families per year. If you are not accepted, you are welcome to continue to apply. We have had many families apply 2 or 3 times before being accepted.

What is sweat equity? Sweat equity is the term we use for volunteer hours. Partner families must complete 200-300 sweat equity hours with 50 of those on their own home for our homeownership program. Sweat equity hours vary and are typically less for Community Investment program. Partner families can have friends and family help with their hours.

When is the down payment due? Families approved to our homeownership program must make a $1250 down payment. The down payment is due before your home is completed. You do not need to pay this amount all at once. You can pay in installments as long the amount is paid in full by the time your home is finished.

Can I still be approved if I do not have good credit? While we do perform credit checks on all of our applicants, you do not need to have perfect credit to be accepted. We are able to take into account many factors when evaluating applicants.

Will my home be new? We build new homes and we rehab homes. You may be assigned either type of home.

Where will my home be located? We build and rehab homes in North Metro Atlanta in North Fulton, Cherokee, and Forsyth Counties. The locations of the Habitat homes we build often change from year to year. Many factors go into where we choose to build. The cost of land, zoning requirements, and neighborhood covenants all have an impact on where homes are located.

What if I don’t want to move into the home I’m assigned? You always have the option of declining a home; however, you will then be put back to the end of the queue and may wait another year or two before moving into a home.

Can I make changes to the floor plan of my home? We do not customize homes except for instances where someone needs wheelchair accessibility or has a medical condition that requires special features. Partner families do, however, get to select their finishes – counter tops, flooring, etc. – from our approved selections.

How many bedrooms will my home have? Our homes are 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms. We will determine the size of your home based on your family’s size. You do not have the option to “upgrade” to a home larger than the one assigned to you.