March/April 2016 Newsletter

Habitat Happenings
Two Families Become Habitat Homeowners
We dedicated the Fields family’s home in Cumming and the Thang-Men family’s home in Canton this past month. We are so excited to welcome them to their new homes!

The Thang-Men family is originally from Burma; they fled their home country due to political unrest and lived in Malaysia for a year and a half until they were able to Thang men familyimmigrate to the United States in 2010. The family has two young children, Jehu and Kelly. Mr. Thang work has worked for Tyson Foods for the last five years. Sui Men stays at home to care for their two children. You can read more about the Thang-Men Family’s story here.
The Fields family home was built for Melinda Fields, her mother, Jewel Fields, and her two daughters, Hayley and Briana. The family has faced many challenges over the years. Fields familyAs the sole income earner for the family, Melinda longed to provide a better home for her family. Melinda has worked for the last fifteen years for the Forsyth County School System as a paraprofessional teacher. You can read more about the Fields’ Family story here.

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